WIE Odyssey

WIE Odyssey, a WIE awareness competition hosted by the IEEE WIE Sri Lanka Section, invites participants to share their experiences of being a WIE member through videos or flyers, highlighting their achievements, and benefits they have gained by being a part of the community. This platform fosters awareness and celebrates the diverse experiences within the IEEE Women in Engineering community, empowering more IEEE members to join the cause of WIE.


The deadline for WIE ODYSSEY submissions has been extended.

Introducing WIE ODYSSEY! This is not just a competition; it’s a platform to showcase your experience of being a WIE member through a stunning flyer or video. Your submission can delve into any aspect of your WIE journey – from personal growth to professional achievements.

Submit your video or flyer for WIE Odyssey and be in the running to win free IEEE Memberships and exclusive swags such as WIE T-Shirts, Notebooks, and Water Bottles. Hurry, submissions close on the 22nd of May 2024!