“Promoting Diversity and Inclusion through Technology-Enabled Access to Information and Communication for Under Privileged Communities”

What is Code with WIE?

Code With WIE is an annual event organized by IEEE WIE Sri Lanka Section since 2019. This dynamic design competition introduces unique themes each year, inspiring participants to craft and innovate software applications, electronic devices, or other technology-driven solutions aligned with the given theme. Teams are assigned dedicated mentors to guide them through the development process.

Students collaborate within their groups to bring their projects to completion, and at the conclusion of the event, the most outstanding project is selected for recognition. It’s a platform that not only fosters creativity but also provides invaluable hands-on experience in the realm of technology and innovation while encouraging women in STEM towards technological development.

Objective of CWW 2023

To promote diversity and inclusion by creating innovative solutions that enhance technology enabled access to information and communication for underprivileged communities, including differently able individuals. Participants are challenged to design and develop software applications, electronics devices or other technology enabled solutions that empower underprivileged communities to access and communicate information more easily and effectively. Through this competition, we aim to inspire and encourage the development of technology solutions that promote diversity and inclusion and create more equitable and accessible society.


Call for Proposals
17th April 2023

Workshop for proposal development and idea generation
30th April 2023

Proposal Submission Deadline
20th May 2023

Proposal Submission Deadline (Extended)
30th May 2023

Mentor Assignment
15th June 2023

Progress Monitoring
28th October 2023

Final Design/ Prototype Submission
25th November 2023

CWW 2023 Final Event
2nd December 2023

Grand Finale

The grand finale of Code with WIE 2023 was held on 2nd of December 2023, at Sri Jayawardhanapura University premises, from 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM.

8 teams participated in the final competition.