IEEE WIE SB AG UOP dedicates to inspire and empower young females to use their diverse talents, in achieving the technical eminence with the proper maintenance of work-life balance, and to innovate for the betterment of humanity. Under the guidance of Dr. Maheshi Dissanayake, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya our Student Branch organizes technical workshops, charity work, promotional activities and many other events to achieve the mission of IEEE WIE. We also encourage our members to connect with the IEEE WIE community and collaborate with the Sri Lanka Section, R10 and the worldwide WIE network to participate and contribute in many activities and programs organized.


Automobile Workshop

The IEEE WIE University of Peradeniya organized a workshop on Automobile Engineering on 11th of September 2015 at Motor Vehicles repair unit, Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya under the guidance of Workshop engineer M.M.K. Sirisena. The purpose of this workshop was to provide a thorough knowledge and experience on automobile maintenance and service operations for the University undergraduates. About forty students participated in the workshop which was held for two days. The 1st session was a talk series about the fundamental structure and working mechanisms of an automobile. On the 2nd day, a practical session was organized for the students to experience the parts of an automobile physically and understand its operation. Students were encouraged to participate in this session to get exposed to the parts inside the engine and the mechanical techniques used to drive an engine. The students were able to observe the parts which were removed from a vehicle to be repaired and they were able to get a good knowledge about the design of an engine, interaction system, fuel system, exhaust system, cooling system, electrical system, the energy transmission and the automobile body.

Then a prototype of a vehicle was observed by the students, and the students were allowed to work on that hence they got a clear idea about the automobile structure, mechanical movements,gear arrangements and engine structure.The main purpose of carrying out this session was to let the students know about the problems that can occur and how they should be solved. If a person met with a breakdown of vehicle in a place where there is no any motor vehicle repair shops or anybody to help, he/she should be able to identify the problem and solve it as an Engineer. The students were taught about the problems that can occur and at which part of the vehicle it can occur such as evaporative leak, engine hesitation or surge, overheating, lack of compression and lack of spark.

The students were able to gather a lot of information about automobile maintenance and services, hence, now they are trained to manage their vehicle related problems and to come up with solutions. We thank Eng. M.M.K. Sirisena for the time and support he gave to arrange this workshop for the benefit of undergraduate students. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to IEEE WIE R10 for the kind support given to organize the event. Our special thanks also goes to Dr. Maheshi Dissanayake, Advisor IEEE WIE AG SB UOP and our WIE committee for their commitment in making the program a success.

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Annual Lecture Series – CSP Industry

A lecture series on ‘Communications Service Provider (CSP) Industry’ is organized by our student branch annually, mainly focusing the Final year Undergraduates of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The lectures contain a detailed insight into the CSP industry, with extensive information on the technology and standards used in the telecommunication field. The lectures are conducted by Eng. Anuradha Udunuwara of Sri Lanka Telecom, Kandy. Duration of the lecture series is 10 lecture hours and the participants who complete the course successfully are awarded with a certificate.


Breast Cancer Awareness Program

A Breast Cancer Awareness Program was organized with the intention of educating the younger generation about the threat of breast cancers and promoting breast cancer screening. The program was conducted in two sessions, at Hilda Obesekara Hall of Residence, University of Peradeniya and at Mahaveli National College of Education, Polgolla, with the participation of over 600 students and academic staff. The resource person for the program was Consultant Oncological Surgeon, Dr. Rasitha Manathunga. A booklet containing the important details on self-examination of breast cancers also was distributed among the participants.


Personal Development Program

A Personal Development Program was organized for the female undergraduates of Faculty of Engineering to give them a proper idea on the role of a female engineer in the industry and also to develop their professional and personal skills. The program consisted of three sessions: ‘Personal Grooming for Personal Appearance’ by Mrs. Nayana Karunarathne, owner of ‘IMAGE’, Academy of Hair and Beauty, ‘Achieving work-life balance’ by Mrs.Arosha Perera, Counselor, Career Guidance Unit, University of Peradeniya, and ‘The role of a female engineer in the industry’ by Eng.(Mrs.) Indrani Hissella, General Manager, Call Center and Customer Experience Division, Sri Lanka Telecom.


Motivational Program for secondary school students

A Motivational Program on Electronics for Secondary School students was organized focusing female students of Jinaraja Balika Vidyalaya, Gampola, Seethadevi Balika Vidyalaya, Kandy and Sarasavi Uyana Maha Vidyalaya, Peradeniya. It was conducted as one day workshop with the participation of 30 students. The students were given a basic understanding on an electronic circuit related to their academic syllabus and they were given the chance to practically implement it as PCB and to observe the output of the circuit they built. The students participated enthusiastically in the program and they requested us to conduct it annually for the benefit of other students too.



Chair                          – Ms. Dilini Almeida

Vice-Chair                  – Ms. Nuwani Kushanthi

Secretary                   – Ms.Dulma Ireshani

Treasurer                    –Ms. Heshini Gunawardhana