IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists and inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests to a career in engineering. As well as IEEE student branch WIE student branch has been formed with the participation and contribution of all the girls in four batches of University of Colombo School of Computing and it has been organizing many activities to enhance professional development of the students and to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in technical disciplines globally.


Hackaholics 2016

Hackaholics 2016 was the first ever 12 hour girls’ hackathon in Sri Lanka which was organized by the IEEE Women In Engineering Student Branch Affinity Group of UCSC with the collaboration of IEEE Student Branch of UCSC making another milestone in the history. We aimed to encourage and motivate the female participants of UCSC on programming and improve practical skills and presentation skills as well as improve teamwork with the valued sponsorship of the industry.The event was held in UCSC on 26th of March with the participation around 100+ female students ,staff members and judge panels consisted from alumni and staff.This hackathon created a common platform for female technological community to deliver spirit to begin, something like starting a new career and entrepreneur type skills, improve the women participation in technological sides , train the participants to take a risk and enhance the participants to understand the potentials ofthemselves.

Hackaholics 2016 consisted of pre-event workshop about web and mobile developing ,web or mobile application development stage according to the selected category, product demo presentations which expanded the development skills of female technological community .It was our pleasure to provide the female technological community with the skills ,that they should possess in order to survive in the 21st century. Plaques and Rs.10,000 for 1st place,Rs.5000 and plaques for 2nd place,Rs.3000 and plaques for 3rd place and certificates for active participation was awarded.

General Information Technology -Seminar - Anula Vidyalaya, Nugegoda

The General Information Technology(GIT) seminar for the A/L students of Anula Vidyalaya , Nugegoda , organized by the IEEE Women In Engineering Student Branch Affinity Group of UCSC was held on the 18th of September 2015 at the Anula Vidyalaya auditorium in a spectacular manner. The seminar took place from 9.00 a.m. onwards.About 150 students participated for the seminar.Many items such as presentations and interacting sessions were organized. The most outstanding feature was that all the students were gaining maximum benefit from the seminar. The participation of many undergraduates from all the batches of the UCSC gave an immense support to conduct the seminar by helping students of Anula Vidyalaya paying individual attention. Abolishing the age-old tradition of conventional class room, this seminar introduced the concept of how to achieve the maximum from the interactions among peers. The model paper given was discussed with more theory knowledge. Most importantly students achieved a true and in-depth understanding about the subject which we got to know about through their feed backs .In that light, it is safe to say that the participants of this seminar had a great experience with us! The seminar was conducted with the intention of uplifting the IT knowledge of ladies, manifested the organizing ability of undergraduates truly initiating the dawn of a new era.It was the first time that IEEE WIE of UCSC had ever organized a seminar for a school .It was in fact, a total success. However, the success of the event was determined by those in audience. It was their presence that truly valued.

General Information Technology Seminar - Holy Family Convent, Kalutara

The second series of the General Information Technology session which was organized by the IEEE Women In Engineering Student Branch Affinity Group of UCSC was held successfully on 15th of October 2015 at Holy Family Convent , Kalutara 8.00am onwards .

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Workshop Series in Anuradhapura

Computer Science Society of University of Colombo together with the IEEE Student Branch of University of Colombo School of Computing and the IEEE Women In Engineering Student Branch Affinity Group of UCSC concluded one of the most successful workshop series on the 16th and 17th of October . The series covered Anuradhapura Central College, Viharapalugama Vidya Raja Vidyalaya ,Viharapalugama Bulankulama Vidyalaya , Paniyankadawala Gamini Maha Vidyalayaand Zonal Education Office, Anuradhapura.This series mainly covered HTML,CSS, solvinglogical expressions, programming in python ,computers and software, evolution of computer andtechnology, an introduction on internet , modern technology related to science, computer games ,better use of internet, using technologies like Google search, Language Input Tools and Google Maps.


Motivational Speech Session for UCSC WIE's

Showing the unlimited capacity of successive lecturers and the class and grandeur of undergraduates possess, The Motivational Speech Session 2015 of University of Colombo School of Computing, organized by the IEEE Women In Engineering Student Branch Affinity Group of UCSC was held on the 27th of August 2015 at the Mini Auditorium in a spectacular manner. The event took place from 2.00 p.m. onwards. The theme of this year’s session was “She believed she could, so she did”. Dr.(Mrs.) Shiromi M.K.D.Arunathilake,Dr.(Mrs.)Yamaya Ekanayaka and Dr.(Mrs.)Chalani Oruthotaarachchi graced the occasion as the guest speakers. Many items such as motivational speeches and motivational videos were presented.The most outstanding feature was that all the guest speakers were lecturers of theUCSC. The participation of many undergraduates from 1st and 2nd years’ about 100 were seen. Undergraduates namely Tharushi Perera, Dhanushka Umayangani, Asha Madushani and Fathima Humairah won prizes from the Q & A session.Abolishing the age-old tradition of male dominance, this session introduced the concept of how high the ladies can reach midst different challenges. The valuable speeches held on success stories of female lecturers took much attention of the audience. Most importantly undergraduates achieved a true and in-depth understanding and appreciation of the power of young ladies as represented by the interesting stories. In that light, it is safe to say that the participants of this session had a lesson of a lifetime! The session was conducted with the intention of uplifting the life status of ladies, manifested the organizing ability of undergraduates truly initiating the dawn of a new era. It was the first time that IEEE WIE of UCSC had ever staged an event. It was in fact, a total success. However, the success of the event was determined by those in audience, honored lecturers and fellow colleagues. It was their presence that truly valued.



  • President - ChanduniWickremasinghe
  • Vice President - Navoda Kumarasiri
  • Secretary  -Nuwini Dulanga
  • Junior Treasurer - Ruwanmalee Dissanayake
  • 3rd year Coordinator - Mishari Tamara / Gothami Karunarathna
  • 2nd year Coordinator - Nishadi Thilakarathna / Oshani Weerakoon