IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists and inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests to a career in engineering. As well as IEEE student branch WIE student branch has been formed with the participation and contribution of all the girls in four batches of University of Colombo School of Computing and it has been organizing many activities to enhance professional development of the students and to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in technical disciplines globally.


Wie4W Initiative Video Contest 2017

Wie4W Initiative Video Contest which was held on par with IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit 2017 Sri Lanka, was a competition among WIE Affinity Groups under IEEE student branches where each team identified a case study of how women in Sri Lanka need support and encouragement in the respective situation. There were introductory sessions conducted by the WIE4W organizing committee in order to educate the Affinity Groups about this initiative.

Then each case study along with solution identified addressing the community problem via technology was presented to the judges as a short video. The two submissions from IEEE WIE Student Branch Affinity Group of University of Colombo School of Computing were selected to the stage 2 (solution presentation) from the stage 1 (video submissions) of the competition and one out of two emerged as the Winner. The case study covered by the short video was titled ‘Working mother and her Child’ and it addressed the struggling life of a single mother which was featured by our university students.

The IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit 2017 lasted for two days from 07th - 08th of October at Hotel Berjaya, Sri Lanka. IEEE WIE Student Branch Affinity Group of UCSC hosted an IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit awareness session for the female undergraduates of UCSC with the valued participation of the members from IEEE WIE Sri Lanka Section.


General Information Technology (GIT) Seminars

Showing the unlimited capacity of women undergraduates of the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), An Advanced Level GIT seminar which was conducted by the IEEE WIE Student Branch Affinity Group of UCSC was held on 13th of September 2017 at St. Joseph's College, Grandpass with the intention of uplifting the IT knowledge of students. The Seminar took place from 9.00 a.m onwards. This was the 3rd consecutive time that UCSC WIE organized a GIT seminar.

There are only Commerce and Arts streams for the A/L section in the school and almost all the students and the ICT teacher of the school participated with a fondness for the seminar. The school Principal Bro.J oseph Jeyakanthan was very helpful from the beginning to organize the seminar at the school.

The students were given two model papers such as first paper and the second paper which were prepared by the members of the WIE for them and discussed those papers deeply giving insights into more theoretical knowledge. Interactive questions and answer sessions were also conducted in order to give students the space to raise their questions. The participation of about 15 undergraduates from all the batches of UCSC gave an immense support to conduct the seminar and help the students to gain the maximum benefit from the seminar. Most importantly students had achieved a true and in-depth understanding about the subject which we got to know through their feedbacks.

We wrapped up the session wishing them all the good luck for the GIT exam and all their other endeavors, hoping we will get another chance to be a part of another worthy cause like that because the kind of happiness that gets from helping someone is unparalleled.

Finally, the students who participated for the session, gave their feedbacks regarding the seminar we conducted. The worthy feedbacks and the thanking message which was sent by the school Principal which expresses his gratitude to us, depicted the success of the event. In that light, it is safe to say that the participants of this seminar had a great experience with us ! It was in fact, a total success.
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GIT Seminars 2017

Shape Your Career – Interactive Talk

Showing the pillars of the success of the professionals in IT industry, "Shape Your Career" interactive talk organized by IEEE WIE Sri Lanka section was held on 15th of May 2017 at Sysco Labs (Cake Labs) in a spectacular manner. The event took place from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. The hosting partner of this event was IEEE WIE Student Branch Affinity Group of University of Colombo School of Computing with the valued sponsorship of Sysco Labs.

The event was organized with the intention of giving precious and valuable advices to shape the career of the participants who are engaged in the technological community. The distinguished guest speaker was Dr. Jeewika Ranaweera, Principal Hardware Engineer of Oracle, San Jose, USA. There was another session on leadership and that was conducted by Mr. Nirmal Kumarasiri, Director-Operations at Sysco Labs.

50 students from universities in all over the country participated for the event. IEEE WIE Sri Lanka Section welcomed the distinguished speakers and the undergraduates in the beginning. This event was mainly focused on advising and giving instructions for the females who will be going to the industry in order to form their future career. Actually, speakers were able to uplift the motivation of the females who are willing to engage with IT industry.

They basically discussed how to move with the industry people as females, how we should face to the challenges and ways of identifying strengths and weaknesses through their life experiences. Especially, the participants were given instructions on how to manage and how to balance the professional life and personal life since the audience was females. They conducted their speeches with interesting stories.

The speakers were awarded with a token of appreciation in recognizing their dedication and commitment towards this great cause. It is sure, that the talk generated courage, motivation and lifetime experience to the participants. The session was consisted of an interactive panel discussion which the participants were given the space to raise their questions and get valuable answers from the panel.

The panel discussion was moderated by Ms. Nilki Aluthge, Quality Engineer at Sysco Labs with Dr. Jeewika. Participants were given refreshments during the tea break which in a way can be named as chit-chat time to network with other universities. It actually got a tremendous success and the success was determined by the people who joined hands with the event such as guest speakers, audience, sponsors and all other people who have contributed us.

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Annual General Meeting 2017

The Annual General Meeting of IEEE WIE Student Branch Affinity Group of University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) was successfully held on 6th of March 2017 at the university premises from 8.00 a.m. onwards. The gathering was warmly welcomed by Nuwini Dulanga. Thereafter, the annual report for the year 2016 was presented to the gathering by Nimasha Jayathunga on behalf of the former secretary. Then, new executive board of the society for the coming year was appointed.

After finishing the announcement of the new office bearers for the year 2017, Mr. G P Seneviratne addressed the gathering, highlighting main facts. Future improvements, future expectations and other important facts that should be changed, were clearly explained by him to the members. And also, he explained about the satisfaction he got from the society and its activities throughout the past few years. The newly appointed committee members were acknowledged by the society members for their outstanding commitment and valuable activities they have done for the success of the society. Also, they invited all members to actively participate in future activities as they have done before. Lastly, all enjoyed the refreshment arranged by the club members after the gathering.



  • President - ChanduniWickremasinghe
  • Vice President - Navoda Kumarasiri
  • Secretary  -Nuwini Dulanga
  • Treasurer - Ruwanmalee Dissanayake
  • 3rd year Coordinator - Mishari Tamara / Gothami Karunarathna
  • 2nd year Coordinator - Nishadi Thilakarathna / Oshani Weerakoon