IEEE WIE student branch of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology was started to inspire and motivate women in engineering while increasing the executive leadership and empowerment of the girls who are about the start their life with Engineering.


To make them Smile

IEEE- WIE affinity group of SLIIT organized a technical event for the students of Palampitiya Central College Kegalle. The event was mainly focused on the goal of WIE Sri Lanka Section foster technological innovation and excellence in Women in Engineering all around the country.

The sessions were primarily organized targeting the students who face GCE Ordinary level examination. And also the event was capable enough to share the technical knowledge with the students of grade 6, 7, 8 and 9. The session was included mathematics, science and English from the very beginning of the theories and concepts to uplift students’ lack of knowledge. IEEE SLIIT Student branch counselor Dr.Rohana Thilakkumara and the instructors of SLIIT Mr.Kushan Tharaka, Mr. Nisitha Padmawansa supported to do science practical activities. End of the session some questions were randomly asked by students to evaluate the progress and it was really successful.
IEEE- WIE affinity group was able to donate distribute library books to all the students of the school with the vision of advancing technology for humanity. The school teachers, parents and specially students highly appreciated the contribution done by IEEE. And they were amazed by the technical knowledge of the girls. They set much by the WIE for coming into such areas and being forward to share the knowledge.
We brought WIE to a rural village who has never heard the name WIE before. One day those students will get into universities and be a member of IEEE where they saw the technological advancement attached with humanity. This project was a step of spreading IEEE-WIE all over Sri Lanka and creating enthusiastic prospective members for IEEE Sri Lanka Section and also creating strong women to Women in Engineering who can contribute to technical innovations and excellence.



“Shape Your Career” is an interactive session which purports to guide women who are engaged in engineering and technology. This is the 3rd milestone of Shape Your Career program organized by IEEE Sri Lanka Section collaborated with WIE AG’s. 1st step of Shape Your Career was betided at Cake Labs hosted by University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) and the 2nd step at Calcey Technologies hosted by Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) collaborated with IEEE WIE Sri Lanka Section. This is the 3rd successful step of the program hosted by Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) and the main sponsor of this 3rd phase is Fortude. WIE Affinity Groups Of Sri Lanka Institute Of Information Technology, University Of Colombo School Of Computing, University Of Moratuwa, University Of Wayamba, Sir John Kothalawela Defense University, Open University Of Sri Lanka, Informatics Institute Of Technology joined this interactive session with The Industrial Professionals.

Session started with a discussion with the guest speaker Miss. Linda Spelwinde from AOD and Miss Dilrukshi Gamage - Student activities Chair, WIE Sri Lanka section. There the participants got a better idea about how to take a risk as a woman and also as an entrepreneur. Ms. Linda ladled out her experiences of her family life and also professional life. After words Miss. Deanna Ebert joined the program representing Fortude and shared her personal life experiences and also how she stepped up the ladder of success with the challenges she faced as a woman. Shape Your Career Phase 3 was a great opportunity to all the ladies who joined to shape their career path with the experiences of industrial professionals.

“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise”


  • Chair- Ms. Nishika De Silva
  • Secretary- Ms. Maneesha Udulani

  • Treasurer- Ms. Chathuri De Silva

  • Vice chair- Ms. Vinuri Ramanayake

    Advisor - Dr. Windhya Rankothge