While the benefits of being an IEEE member is quite endless (read it from here), there are some added opportunities available to you, if you become a WIE member. This section will briefly explain the opportunities in hand for a WIE member or a WIE affinity group both in national and international levels.


As a WIE member


  • Be part of the volunteering teams formed to organize various events conducted by the IEEE WIE Sri Lanka Section. This will provide you the opportunity to interact with many of the active WIE volunteers in Sri Lanka and will help to showcase your leadership and coordinating skills to the professional world. Follow the Facebook page for calling for volunteers for these activities from time to time.
  • IEEE WIE Travel Grant Program
    • IEEE WIE Travel Grant program provides grants for IEEE WIE members to attend and present at IEEE sponsored conferences or to participate in IEEE WIE sponsored events. If you are in your second year of WIE membership, you are eligible to apply for this scheme and to receive funding up to 750 USD. For complete set of guidelines and the applications, click here.
  • IEEE WIE International Leadership Conference Travel Grants
    • Each year, IEEE WIE sponsors few active and promising WIE volunteers (who are WIE members) across the world to attend this flagship event. You will be notified via email and at the same time, follow the official Facebook page of IEEE WIE for instant updates on this and many other global opportunities.
  • Opportunity to volunteer for the IEEE Region 10 Supporting Volunteer Committee
    • Each year, IEEE Region 10 WIE calls applications for the interested WIE members to volunteer as the IEEE Region 10 WIE Supporting Volunteers. This provides you the opportunity to closely work with a diverse team of WIE volunteers across the region. Follow the Region 10 WIE Facebook page to receive updates on this.
  • Apply for WIE Awards
  • Take part in IEEE WIE events
    • IEEE WIE conducts a wide array of events throughout the year in various parts of the world. This could range from conferences and summits to virtual meetings, webinars and online live chat series. To find out more about the upcoming IEEE WIE events, visit here.


As a WIE Student Branch Affinity Group


  • You, as a group, will get the chance to collaborate with the WIE Sri Lanka Section in conducting various projects. The WIE Sri Lanka Section is capable of assisting you to find financial support and guide you to achieve more success. Additionally, you will be able to obtain a broader exposure to the technological industry in Sri Lanka.
  • Apply for IEEE Region 10 WIE Support Fund
    • Each year, up to 3 proposals from each WIE Sectional Affinity Group can be submitted for the IEEE Region 10 WIE Support Fund. Selected projects will be funded up to 500 USD subjected to the fact that it will receive partial funding from the home section. The student branches will be formally notified via email regarding this process.
  • Apply for WIE Awards
  • Access for Affinity Group Resources
    • If you have already established a WIE Student Branch Affinity Group of willing to form a new WIE Student Branch AG in your university, all the materials required for your expectations can be found from here.