WIE Affinity group of IEEE Student Branch of  IIT is a new addition to the list from March 2015  onwards. We, WIE of IIT IEEE Student Branch have organized an inter­university hackathon in  November 2015, together with our Student Branch. We also have engaged in fundraising  activities, workshops etc. in order to facilitate academic interests of young WIE in our institute.  Looking forward to continue this AG in years to come, inspiring many more young WIE.


“Global Journey of Sheree Atcheson, beginning in Belfast Leading to Sri Lanka”

Ms. Shree Atcheson is a 26 year old, born in Sri Lanka and raised in the UK. She is listed by Computer Weekly as one of the UK’s top most Influential Women in Tech’17. Ms. Sheree Atcheson is currently a technical business consultant for technology, strategy and architecture at Deloitte UK and the founder of Women Who Code Belfast, UK. Over the years Ms. Atcheson has held several tech roles, including software engineer for Kainos and product analyst for SR labs. She has done many talks in conferences all over the world.

This year Ms. Sheree Atcheson visited Sri Lanka for the first time, during her second visit to Sri Lanka after 5 months to meet her biological mother for the first time in 26 years. We WIE (Women in Engineering) of Informatics Institute of Technology organized a session inviting Ms. Sheree Atcheson to our university IIT to do a talk and share her experience. The session “Global Journey of Sheree Atcheson, Beginning in Belfast leading to Sri Lanka” was on the 17th of November 2017 at IIT premises.

Shape Your Carrier

Shape Your Carrier 2 was organized by WIE Sri Lanka section together with WIE of IIT. The Event was on 7th July 2017 from 3.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. It is an interactive session with two Guest Speakers Ms. Shahani Markus and Ms. Nadeera Karandawala from Calcey technologies. Both of our guest speakers gave an inspiring talk to all the students who attended from universities all over Sri Lanka.

Dr. Shahani Markus’s life story and advice motivated all the girls to move forward and achieve great things. Ms. Nadeera Karandawala and the Calcey employees welcomed questions from the students regarding how interview process goes and some great advices about the industry and how to make ourselves better.


  • Chair: Aysha Arafath (aysha.2016381@iit.ac.lk | 0763786275)
  • Co-Chair: Andrea Perera (andrea.2016432@iit.ac.lk | 0765266558)
  • Secretary: Gratia Gamage (sewwandi.2016404@iit.ac.lk | 0768327047)
  • Treasurer: Rashmi Ratnayaka (rashmi.2016353@iit.ac.lk | 0772066021)