With a passionate bunch of volunteers from all corners of the island, IEEE Women in Engineering Sri Lanka Section Affinity Group is striving towards empowering female engagement in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. We try to provide a platform for all the Sri Lankan female technological enthusiasts to collaborate and network towards advancing technology and at the same time, mentor, guide and impart knowledge to the blossoming tech enthusiasts to step into and sustain in a STEM career. Currently our WIE volunteer community comprises of five WIE Student Branch Affinity Groups. The projects and initiatives of the WIE Sri Lanka Section Affinity Group covers a wide array of aspects such as professional, academic, technical and outreach activities.

Affinity Groups

University of Moratuwa
University Of Colombo School Of Computing
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University Of Peradeniya
Srilanka Institute Of Information Technology
Informatics Institute of Technology

IEEE WIE Sri Lanka Section focuses on promoting the female participation in technology oriented professions and activities and thereby facilitating the recruitment and retention of women in technical disciplines. Officially inaugurated in July 2015, IEEE WIE Sri Lanka Section is now a budding community under the umbrella of global IEEE WIE community.Read more......

Recent Events

IEEE SriLanka Section Student/YP/WIE Congress

The dawn of 5th in the chilling month of December wasn’t yet another ordinary day for the IEEE Sri Lanka Section. The day had come for the flagship event of the IEEE Sri Lanka Section, the IEEE Sri Lanka Section SYW Congress 2015, the platform where the professionals meet the newbies in various disciplines of Engineering domain. Read more...

IEEE Region 10 Student.YP.WIE Congress 2015 SriLanka

Region 10 is one of the largest regions in IEEE which stretches from South Korea and Japan in the north-east to New Zealand in the south-east, and Pakistan in the west. The region consists of 107,154 members and 57 Sections, 6 Councils, 17 Sub-sections, 515 Chapters, 60 Affinity Groups and 958 Student Branches. Read more...

Annual Get-together

IEEE Annual Family Get-Together for the year of 2015 happened Saturday the 7th of November 2015 at the University of Peradeniya Athletics Ground. Many generations of IEEE and WIE members participate in the event. And the event was a good chance and opportunity to build the connection between new generations. Read more...